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The Acacia Strain - " The Dead Walk " (2006)

Evo jedne male preporuke za sve ljubitelje metalcore-a, koji jos ovo nisu culi..
The Acacia Strain (Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA), bend koji datira od 2001., i od tada su izdali 3 albuma, i to:
"...And Life Is Very Long" (Devil's Head - 2002), "3750" (Prosthetic, Devil's Head - 2004),
i "The Dead Walk" (Prosthetic - 2006).. Znaci prvi album je izasao u produkciji Devil´s Head-a,
druga dva (" 3750" za obje izdavacke kuce) u produkciji Prosthetic Records-a..
U ovom postu svima bih toplo preporucio album "The Dead Walk", jedan odlican metalcore album.
The Acacia Strain nije tipicni metalcore bend.. Ono sto ih karakterise je tzv. "prigusena" atmosfera, sa skroz niskim distorzijama, pravim new breed-erskim,sa cestim prelazima na beatdown dionicama i sa josh mnogo toga sto nije tipicno. Meni licno, bend nije legao na prvo slusanje, morao sam vise puta preslusati album da bi mi usao u uho, i na kraju svidio.. Mnogo je tu nekih kompleksnih dionica koje su prepune prelaza, zatim ta neka atmosfera, to cjeloukupno okruzenje koje obavija ovaj album..
Ono sto je sigurno je to da se album nece svima svidjeti, pogotovo ne na prvo slusanje, a mozda nikako..
Meni se svidio, zbog cijele tematike i zbog atmosfere na albumu..
Znaci, The Acacia Strain - " The Dead Walk " (2006, Prosthetic Records)..
Tracklist: 1. Predator: Never Prey, 2. 4x4, 3. Angry Mob Justice, 4. Burn Face, 5. Sarin: The End 6. See You Next Tuesday, 7. As If Set Fire, 8. The Demolishor, 9. The Dead Walk, 10. Whoa! Shut It Down
Total Playing Time: 28:14.., my rating : 7.5/10..
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Hardcore, we live this - we breathe this..
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My Lyrics

Darkness comes like the voiceless sound
We search for the light.. but it cannot be found
Oh Dear God help us now
To cast away the fear show us how
Make my demons go away, make them run
And give me answer to one question:
Will I ever again see the holy sun?
This body is covered with bloody stains
God I´m begging you:
Release the white dove from your hands
Give her freedom, let her fly
Before you hear our last cry
I´ve tried my best, said my prayers
Now we depend on you Almighty
Hurry with your decision
Cause I don´t know how much more
We can keep on fightin´


Sometimes I shut my eyes
In my mind I fly to the eternal skies
I run far away from here
Now I am there, where sun shines forever
Now I dont know what is pain
Now I dont know what is hate
Now I love, and I am loved
But then I wake up
And realize that is just not my fate
To be happy, to fly free
Why be happy? Why to fly free?
When we must pray in despair
Pray for the better days
That will never come
And always swore in one sentence:
"What Almighty said, must be done"!


Tonight I am coming
To the better place
Where I will suffer no more
And feel no disgrace

Excatly at midnight
My veins will bleed
I am leaving this world behind
Don´t want to feel
this world´s greed

Why God, why me?
Why I´m meant to failure
I´m trying so hard
Can´t you see?

Everything I do
Just isn´t enough
What have I done wrong?
I never knew that life
could be this rough

Oh angels, bless me please
Give me your wings
So I could fly
On heavens to seek my fortune
So I could forget
What it feels to cry

Eternal smile waits for me
On the heavens, where
my thoughts will be clear
I can´t survive here
Cause, this world is the hunter
and I´m the deer...


Just take me hand, and let´s fly
Let´s fly together into the eternal sky
Like Icarus and Dedal
Even if my wings melt
For you my precious, I will crawl

I´m you shadow forever
Your puppet and you´re my master
With you I´ll stay
´Till the end of the world
Untill that Great Disaster

When you smile, I´m reborn
With you I´ll share my deepest hours
I´ll sing the wordless songs
I´ll run endless tracks
I´ll face my darkest fears
I´ll climb the sky scratching towers

One day if you´re gone
To the other side of the world
Where I can´t reach you
I´ll cry a river of tears
And swim through
Then I can die happy
Knowing that last thing I saw
... was you...


Burden of Pain
I´ve been given
Through this world´s madness
I´ve been driven

Now that I know
who am I
I wonder myself
Why I´m addicted
to suffer and cry

Where to go ?
What to seek ?
Angel I feel
I´m prevented to speak

Hope still remains
That better will be
or life will become
blodsheding killing spree


Look in my eyes
Tell me what you see
Do you see pain
Or is it just me?

Do I imagine things, and is it real?
Is it in my head
Do I really bleed
Do this hate I really feel?

Break this spell from me
Help me see the light
And save from this
Angry darkness of the night

You´re the only one
You´re my shinig star, my eternal light
You´re the one I suffer for
Maybe one day we´ll be together
In my thoughts at least
Even if this spell continues
You´ll love me
Like the Beauty loves the Beast

Just help me see the light
At the end of the road
In my thoughts at least....



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